about us

The XGenesis One Studio program in Q2, ’20 wherein we focused on complex wicked problems that are global resulted in Konbit. Here we talk about us — who we are, what we do, what is important to us and why does this all matter.

Together we can drive Regenerative Renaissance — Planet, People, Prosperity. Together™.

Who is Konbit?

Konbit is a food security public benefit corporation that enables food equity and sovereignty around the globe.

Our first jurisdiction to make a difference is the Indigenous lands across Turtle Island.

The second jurisdiction to expand our difference is across the African-American and Hispanic diaspora across Turtle Island.

Additionally, in those zip codes in America with major food security issues, Konbit wants to design for the resiliency of:
• the individual,
• the community,
• and the landscape.

What does Konbit do?

Konbit enables food equity and food sovereignty across the globe through 5 focus areas:
• Catalyzing a network of Community-centered social entrepreneurs;
• Localizing food production;
• Bring eco-system experts and partners to harness indigenous knowledge as well as contemporary next-gen economic and farming thinking and
• Local currency for value exchange tracked on an app;
• Smart farming of nutrient dense foods.

Why does that matter?

• Over a billion people in the world have food insecurity;
• A quarter billion people in the world face acute hunger;
• In COVID-19 times, Sub-saharan Africa, and many parts of the US have increased food insecurity;
• In the US, over 50 million people are food insecure;
• The Native American lands (Indian Nations) are considered food deserts.

What does ‘Konbit’ mean?

Konbit pronounced ‘cone-beet’ has origins in West Africa and is used in the Creole language. It is a virtue deeply embedded in many indigenous cultures that implies ‘coming together for the public commons or communal good.’