organizational ethos

Our team operates as a DHO. Also known as decentralized human organization wherein sociocracy and dynamic governance and guidance from our advisors define our work towards Regenerative Renaissance — Planet, People, Prosperity. Together™. We don’t just put our ethos on the wall; we live it every day.

Our Mission

We enable food sovereignty and equity around the globe.

Our Purpose

Food equity is a basic human right.
Production of food should not contravene Nature.

Our Values & our North Star

• We believe in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

• We fully support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

• We believe in Regenerative Renaissance — Planet, People, and Prosperity. Together.™

    • Prosperity is for all denizens of the planet.

    • Entrepreneurship and Technology are enablers for the greater good.

• We believe in Laws of Reciprocity

    • Individuals and the whole should flourish.    

    • When individuals are cherished and nourished, the whole flourishes.

• We follow the 3 principles of Circular Economy:

    • We support regenerative natural systems.

    • We keep products and materials in use as close to perpetuity.

    • We design out waste and pollution from the ecosystem.


    • Everyone is included independent of sexual orientation and gender.


    • Only but the truth!

    • Transparency builds Trust.


    • There is push and pull in life and everything is interconnected.

• Pragmatic

    • We are idealists grounded in today’s reality.

Commitment to JEDI

   • We drive at the Speed of Trust.

Our synergistic team is interdisciplinary, grounded in the community, and drives at the Speed of Trust. We directly engage with the people most impacted by insecurities, be it food, water, energy, or economic. Their lived experience and working with whole-system capacity builders and key influencers require us to take a JEDI (Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion) approach to everything we do. Both re-indigenization and decolonization play a critical role in our modus operandi.

Our BIPOC diversity and inclusiveness are reflected in the team members’ rich background, education, and lived experience. Together, we enrich one another’s lives and enhance our community members’ interactions through active co-creation.

Our Vision

• Every human around the globe has access to nutrient-dense healthy food, any time and anywhere.

• The sustainable development goals, SDG #2 (No hunger), and SDG #3 (Good health and well-being) are a global reality.