our products & services

For too long, serving food insecurity has been ignored, despite being a multi-million dollar market. Konbit’s unique business model, Regenerative Renaissance — Planet, People, Prosperity. Together™, enables growing nutrient-dense foods locally while creating jobs, encouraging social entrepreneurship, and building the local economy. We estimate that one social entrepreneur partner/Konbit farm owner can create four to six local jobs and provide for healthy food to hundred in their community. In this way, Konbit anticipates spreading prosperity across the indigenous lands in North America.

Regenerative Renaissance takes a whole system approach to building an inclusive innovation ecosystem —  Planet, People, Prosperity. Together.™

Our products/services differentiation:

1. Create a network of community-centered social entrepreneurs who share knowledge and information through an easy to use Konbit app;

2. Localize food production for four seasons of multi-varietal crop growth within Konbit farms;

3. Incorporating Konbit.io smart sensing devices for data and knowledge share within the Konbit farms;

4. Local digital currency for value exchange — (labor > token > nutritiously-dense produce) tracked in the Konbit app;

5. Bring indigenous wisdom and eco-system experts and partners together.